Photo101 day 7

Day 7 : Landmark!

Milton Keynes is probably best known for its roundabouts and its concrete cows .

The concrete cows  were created in 1978 Canadian-born artist, Liz Ley.

The cows were constructed from scrap, skinned with fibre glass and reinforced with concrete donated by a local builder.

I started  working in Milton Keynes in 1979 in Bradwell Village, one of the original villages that became Milton Keynes, and lived and worked a grid square (MK terms) or a 5 min walk from the original concrete cows for 10 years. So yes the concrete cows are to me an iconic landmark. This is a photo of Millie Moo. The original Millie Moo, a year after they were put in place, was stolen by evil rustlers with heavy lifting equipment. Sadly, Millie Moo was never seen again. A few years later, in 1988, Millie Moo Two (a replacement), was also stolen in a daring midnight raid. This time the aim was ransom. While the local authorities keep very quiet on whether or not this was paid, Millie was returned to the safety of her herd a short time later, and local citizens breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief. The original concrete cows can now be found in the safety of  Milton Keynes shopping centre with replicas still residing close to Bradwell.

concrete cow


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